8Tracks is Back – and a new melancholic mix from me1 min read

Longtime readers might remember that I used to really enjoy 8Tracks as a service – using it for the two “When your FILDI is low” mixes, for example (here and here). And I also enjoyed it as a nicely user-curated music discovery service as well.

I’m happy to report that 8Tracks is back up, and as a result, I uploaded a mixtape that was inspired a while (almost a year) ago, and I’ll probably be adding more. The mixtape is “The Futility of Wishing on Stars”; it’s both a reflection on and a mourning of the idea that, well…

It does not matter how much you try, or how hard you argue, or how much you love. It does not matter how many times you wish on stars. But damn, you sure wish it did matter.

You can listen to the mix using the embed below, and I highly recommend 8Tracks as being worth the USD$2.50 a month premium membership.

The Inevitable Futility of Wishing On Stars from SenorWombat on 8tracks Radio.

Featured Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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