Neurospicy Swag From A Neurospicy Guy

I, like many others, started my journey towards realizing that I am AuDHD began with identifying just a little — okay, a lot — too much with ADHD and autism memes.

So why not wear some meme-like things on your body (or to drink your beverage of choice from, or to carry your stuff in)?

The two older designs I have in my Spreadshirt shop both relate (in a tongue-in-cheek way) to spoon theory:

The Spork Creed: For those times when you simply do not have any spoons left, just a spork.

Imaginary Spoons: For when the number of spoons you have left are an imaginary number.

For the introverts and socially anxious among us (hi!), we have a design proudly proclaiming you as a member of the Stay At Home Club:

And specially for my fellow AuDHDer’s, an all too common just mood: Simultaneously bored and overstimulated.

If you can’t click on the images to get to the specific selection, they’re all visible on the front page of the shop at

And yes, there is a hoodie version for each of them.

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