For When Your FILDI Is Low (A Meta-Your Ears Need This)

Every so often – and honestly, a lot more frequently than I would like – I get discouraged, paranoid, and depressed.

Usually, it’s not because of anything actually happening.  All too often, it’s simply something happening not fast enough, or quite the way I thought it would.  Even worse, sometimes it can be completely in my head and not reflect reality at all.

While it’s often easy to see how silly it is after the fact, I found it really difficult to detect it happening in real-time.  It’s even harder to combat those feelings in real-time.

Music helps.  Some inspirational things help.1

Sure, it’s obvious most of the time.  It’s stuff I’ve already learned.  But when I’m having one of these bad spells, I’ve forgotten them.

So I made this mix on 8tracks to help me remember:

Sometimes the universe seems to be telling you that you’re not good enough.  That you can’t do it.  That your dreams and aspirations are not only hopeless, but you were stupid to ever think you could be anything.

These are the songs I listen to to tell the universe to go screw itself.

I made it for myself, but I hope you find these as motivational as I do.  And please, share the music that gets you motivated – whether through your own mix on something like 8tracks or Spotify, or just in the comments here.

For When Your FILDI is Low from SenorWombat on 8tracks Radio.

1 Like Ze Frank’s Invocation for Beginnings, from which the title is ripped, and which appears in the mix.