Hi! You may know me as the friendly publisher of a blog, and you’ve tried to get me to post something of yours on my blog.


I got your request. And I noticed that it wanted me to link to your product or service.

And quite frankly, that isn’t what I do.

If you really want me to mention your site, I can do so like I did for OmniBuzz Media. My article is (the last time I checked) the second result on Google for “Omnibuzz Media”.

Dear OmniBuzzMedia: You Are A Bunch Of Clueless and Scammy Morons

Maybe that isn’t the smartest way to run a blog. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot here by not monetizing things more.

But really? I’m just not interested. I blog because I feel like it, about things that I think are interesting or need talked about.

If your request had caught my attention, I would have replied. Instead, you’re wasting my time and yours.

So again, I repeat to you:


My credibility is not for sale.

Also: Your EULA doesn’t apply: https://bit.ly/noeula

And yes, this is a form letter.