Fantastic Art and A Writing Challenge!

It’s my turn to choose the prompts for this week’s writing challenge (see here for more info) – and I luckily stumbled across some really fantastic art. Even if you’re not interested in the challenge, this art by H.B. Tyson (“hbtyson” from DeviantArt) is just stellar and worth your attention. You can also get prints of several of her most popular works from InPrnt.

I love the antique children’s book feel to these, along with the Gorey-esque and gently fantastic nature of the pieces themselves.

The three I chose for the challenge this week are “A Gift“, “Scorched Grounds 2.0“, and “From His Chest”.

If you’re a writer, check out our weekly writing challenge at And definitely check out the rest of H.B. Tyson’s work on DeviantArt and – if you’re as impressed as me – get yourself a print over at her shop!

Featured image is “Hilltop” by H.B. Tyson.

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  1. August 13, 2021

    Wow, those are nice pieces of art indeed. Thanks for sharing them, and I’ll definitely check out more of H.B. Tyson!

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