This is not a drill: there is a fire in your (digital) house.

Photo by Andrew Gaines on Unsplash

This is not a drill.

This is a fire alarm.

This is the real thing.

Your digital house is on fire, and everyone needs to chip in right now to stop it from burning to the ground.

I get it. Seems like you’ve been hearing about net neutrality for a long time.

And you have been.

Because the people who want to make money by removing net neutrality have been trying to do so for a long time. 

What they’re counting on is your fatigue. They are counting on you having heard the fire alarm so many times that you’ll ignore it now.

They are counting on you retreating to places on the internet where you won’t have to hear about it.

They are counting on you unfollowing your political friends.

They are counting on you only reading posts in forums and groups where politics and current events are not allowed.

And they are counting on you forgetting that the very existence of those places where you are retreating to will be directly impacted by net neutrality.

This no more a political issue that the fire alarm in your physical house.

It will effect you. It will affect every place that you go online. Every activity, every app, every service.

Corporations exist to make money. And the more popular and useful something is, the more they think they can charge for it. And the more they will try to control it and get rid of competitors.

Net neutrality is the antitrust law of the internet.

And the corporations that will profit want to repeal it.

This is not a drill.

This is a fire alarm.

And there really is a fire.

Act right now to help put it out.

Seven things you can do right now to save the internet:

Battle For the Net: