Lightweight Web-Based MPD Viewer

Almost three years ago, I slapped together a lightweight cgi-based “remote control” for MPD. But since then, Rompr and O!MPD have proven themselves to be quite excellent bits of software.


I still wanted a lightweight viewer of information. Something that wouldn’t break when a new version of PHP came out. Something that would render simply in even a text browser, but still look cool enough on a big monitor. Something I could leave up for when someone came over and asked what was playing, or I wanted to glance at the lyrics, or…

You get the idea.

So was born mpdview. Rather than a cgi script, it runs elsewhere on the server and outputs the relevant files whenever there is an mpd “event” (something changes). A bit of refresh code in the page itself and you’ll get a featureful refreshing info page to leave up.

You can find it at

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