They Aren’t Panicking Because It’s Satan

Remember the “Satanic Panic“? If you’re a child of last century, you sure do.

I remember those days. When the metal music supposedly contained backmasking and devil worshipping.

I mean, that music is still around. And the lyrics can be as Satanic (in any sense) as ever.

But the panic just… faded away.

At least, until Lil’ Nas X released his new video today. (Link to NSFW video: )

Still from video showing Lil Nas X straddling an actor dressed as Satan

Still, it didn’t feel… the same as the old days of made-up news stories and implanting false memories in kids.

And then I realized why it felt different. This isn’t a Satanic Panic.

Think about it. Black Metal didn’t go anywhere. Otherwise contemporary metal acts like those listed in “The 13 Most Satanic Metal Bands” would spark the same kind of outrage. Heck, there was even Lords of Chaos, a feature-length film about (a) destructive Satanic metal band. There’s even a television show called Lucifer.

And not a peep.

That’s because it’s not a “Satanic Panic” at all.

It’s just another homophobic one.

I bet Rob Halford is not surprised.

Featured Photo by Chela B. on Unsplash