Everyone Is The Hero…Except They’re Not1 min read

“Everyone is the hero in their own story.”

It’s a good rule in writing. It’s a decent rule in real life, too.

(Almost) everyone thinks they’re the “good” person. That they’re doing the right and correct thing to do.

But obviously, that isn’t true at all. Pretty much everyone has, at one time or another, convinced themselves that the thing they want to do is the right thing to do… even if it’s obviously not.

I know I’ve done it before.

But I also know that when I’ve done that, when I’ve rationalized selfish desires into something noble, it only makes sense in my head. It all falls apart the moment I start to explain it to someone outside the situation.

So, I revised the truism to something… well, more *true*.

Everyone is a hero in their own story. Most people don’t show their work.

Featured Photo by Javier García on Unsplash

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