MAN, it’s APROPOS. TL;DR: A fix to too many CHEAT sheets

Okay, if you snickered at the title, you want to take a look at this project of mine that unifies manpages, apropos, cheatsheets, and TLDR sheets.

I call it "Quite Intriguing" (yes, in homage to the BBC program Quite Interesting), and it’s meant to help when you’ve got not only man pages (and apropos), but cheatsheets from the cheat or TL;DR projects. While it’s got a gui (using rofi), it’s definitely most powerful at the command line. Take a look here (or on Termalizer):

One of the things that makes QI useful is that it creates its own little cache, and enriches the cheat and TLDR entries with short descriptions when there’s filename matches from your manpages. So let’s say you have ddclient installed, but also have a cheatsheet for it. QI will let you see either – and optionally see previews of each.

You can find this script on GitHub, GitLab, or my own personal git repository!

Featured Photo by Fatos Bytyqi on Unsplash