Minimizing The Harasser

Sometimes, doing all the right things isn’t enough.

You’ve blocked them on social media. You’ve blocked their number. You’ve even involved the police and the phone company.

But he (let’s face it, they’re a he) won’t leave you alone.

The worst are the phone calls and texts. He keeps getting new phone numbers from new burner phones or an online service.

To help you cope – while you continue to report this harassment (guides on Legal Beagle and – you can do something simple to keep your sanity, regardless of what kind of (smart) phone you have.

First, use a silent tone for your “default” ringtone and “default” text notification tone. (You can get one for either iPhone or Android at MobCup (or many other places). Also turn off vibration for default ringtone and text tones.

Then, change your actual contacts – at least the ones you want to hear from – to any different ringtone, text tone, and vibration tone.

While this isn’t an actual solution – again, report the harassment and take every step you can legally – this will let you enjoy the silence again.

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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