Zombie Sightings In The Wild

If you’re just joining us, I don’t mean the flesh-eating variety. Just the brain-eating kind. (See yesterday’s post for an explanation.)

Just in case it wasn’t clear what group I was referring to yesterday when I said:

Can you think of any human-shaped creatures right now who don’t seem to “get” empathy (though they try to say “the right things”) and who seem utterly unable to have a coherent set of principles? Indeed, they will endorse completely opposing ideas (and lies) from one minute to the next with no sense of irony?


Well, the last three minutes (9’42” onward, the embed below should start at the right place) of this clip from The Daily Show ought to give you a perfect example. (Yes, there’s a LOT of sarcasm in this clip.)

Featured Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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