It’s a decision: Your life and health means less than profit statements

My amour has a prescription jumping from $40/month to $130/month… making the third maintenance medication that she’s on that’s in that range.

A friend of mine has a generic version of the maintenance medication she’s on jumping to $450/month.

Neither is referring to a particularly obscure or new medication.

Both of them are citing prices with insurance.

They aren’t the only people I know who have this problem. Not by a long shot.

When I see my friends and loved ones share this information on social media, there’s usually two types of replies that show up.

The first suggests workarounds:  physician samples, discount cards, and ways to somehow make things work.

The second is purely sympathetic, for example:  “I’m sorry that’s going on.”

Both types of replies miss the point. 

They mean well, but still, they miss the point.

Because this is not a “situation”.  This is not some act of God, some natural phenomenon.


This is deliberate.  Each and every instance of the price of your medication skyrocketing, every time you’re told you can’t have the medication that actually works for you, it was designed and crafted by other people.

They try to hide behind charts and graphs.  They try to hide behind the names of corporations and closed board meetings and excuses about shareholders and profit statements.

But someone decided.

Someone – let’s say a group of someones, even a whole damn corporation of someones – decided that you shouldn’t be able to afford the medications you need to keep yourself healthy.  That you shouldn’t even be able to get the medications you need to keep yourself healthy.

They decided your life, your health, was less important than making a bigger profit.

Maybe it’s not hit you yet.  Maybe it’s affected just a friend, or a loved one.  But sooner or later, all of us are going to be affected by this.

Sooner or later, all of us will discover that to them, our life is less important than a hedge fund making a couple extra bucks in dividends.

Are you angry yet?


Angry gets shit done.