Seeing red flags on reality TV in real time #BB19

My amour has gotten me into Big Brother; and in this case, I’m particularly glad.

You don’t need to know much about the show – other than that people get “evicted” after being nominated – in terms of setup for these two clips.  You absolutely need to know that Jessica and Cody (you’ll know who they are right damn quick) formed a relationship early on this season.  They were both put up for eviction (“on the block”) this week, and then Paul – the guy who put them up for eviction – tried to have a conversation with them.

If you can’t watch the video, Cody totally got aggressive with Paul, far out of proportion to anything else that was going on. And then something … interesting … happened.

Jessica called Cody out on being overly aggressive.  She tried to lay out that his aggressive response not only messed up the work she’d done in the game, but also would be something she simply could not tolerate in the real world (they’d previously discussed dating after the show was over).

Cody’s response:  Silence and a total lack of reaction, until he started to say how he wasn’t good enough and couldn’t say the right thing.  A total pity play.

This is required viewing for seeing a red flag being thrown in real-time, in real life (and just happening to be televised).  Cody never actually answers Jessica’s concerns about his behavior, instead redirecting the entire conversation to be about how sad he is and trying to elicit her sympathy.

As two folks on Twitter put it: