The GOP Dishonored Itself Last Night. Will Republicans Care?

Never tell me there is no difference between the parties in the United States again.


Never tell me that your third-party vote for President – at least until the third parties have strong local and state representation – is anything other than handing a vote to the other party.

The events of last night – the cowardly and dishonorable late-night no-vetting attempt to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (y’know, that policy that was originally created by a right-wing think tank and whose “failures” largely rest with states who have refused to participate) make it clear that there is a hugely stark difference between the parties.

There are problems with the Affordable Care Act. But – unlike the bill that was up before the Senate last night – it doesn’t allow employers to stop covering you. The bill last night would – according to the Congressional Budget Office – lead to 20% increases in all insurance premiums year after year and a massive increase in the number of people who are no longer insured.

That bill would have led to medical jobs going away.  That bill would have reduced your access to healthcare.

That bill would have killed American citizens.

PRETEND that the now (strangely) lauded McCain is somehow on board with
making sure that people are covered. Read his statement: his concern
was that Democrats weren’t on board with it.

It wasn’t so much that people wouldn’t be covered.

It was that the optics were bad.

is the time, RIGHT NOW, to talk to your friends and loved ones. This
is the time to talk to those Republicans who still believe the party of
Eisenhower is still in there. 
Because I can believe that there are Republicans who still believe in the values of the party of Eisenhower.  Who believe in taking care of people while practicing fiscal conservatism.

But the politicians of the GOP have not been the party of Eisenhower for at least a decade now.  

And even if you believe that the ACA needs to be replaced or reformed, I’m willing to bet that the honorable Republicans out there think that their ideas are strong enough to stand the test of daylight.

I’m willing to bet that honorable Republicans think that their ideas should be tested and challenged so that they can be stronger.

I’m willing to bet that honorable Republicans realize that the actions of the GOP last night – trying to sneak a bill literally written on lunch break through in the middle of the night, with no chance for public input, examination, or debate – are the actions of those who do not believe in honor, decency, or the rule of law.

This is your moment, you average citizens who hold the values of Eisenhower.  

This is your moment, those of you who still believe in the GOP’s “big tent”.

This is your moment to scream through the phone lines and faxes and e-mail lists at your representatives.

Because they have dishonored the Republican Party.

And by association, have dishonored you.