Dear Ohio: You get what you pay for1 min read

rant.pngOh, the irony.

Take a look at this asshat. I mean really. (Link to articles mentioned here and here.)

“Transforming Ohio for Growth”? Really?

So you’re going to cut funds for education (primary, secondary, and higher), local government, and infrastructure… and this is supposed to help Ohio get better how?

Who the hell wants to live or work in a state where they don’t value education or infrastructure?

And really, cutting money to education? Look, this isn’t rocket science. Sure, dumping money onto schools doesn’t necessarily mean things will get better. But cutting funding always means that things will get worse. The administrators (who, you might remember, control the budgets) will make sure they keep their jobs. Meanwhile, the teachers are so busy doing extra work to make ends meet that they are physically unable to focus on your child. You want to reform education costs, then mandate an administrator / instructor ratio.

This is almost as stupid as West Virginia deciding to blow up their only source of year-after-year income (tourism) for a one-time gain (mining). Which, of course, they’re doing, and it’s a major reason why I am not really considering going back to West Virginia.

It’s stupid crap like this that makes me wonder why I consider staying in Ohio. There’s no jobs for my primary profession here (thanks, Findlay!), the governor is busy cutting funding for what I’m training into…

…maybe I just have to take Tobias Buckell’s point of view (which I can’t find the link to now, dammit) and concentrate on the publishing stuff and enjoy the benefits of living somewhere that likes to act like a third world country while still being inside the United States.


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