Vestaphobia – A 100 Word Story

Yes, it’s Wednesday. Why is this week’s 100-word story so late?

Because this coming weekend, the demons are coming.

The Crimson Pact vowed to destroy the demons of the Rusted Vale . . . but the demons had their own secret plan and escaped, invading dozens of worlds . . . . Read 26 stories set in those many different worlds about the men and women who have refused to let the demons win.

You can see the trailer, read the frame story, and submit your own flash fiction for the second volume at the Crimson Pact website.

This is the first book I’m publishing as Alliteration Ink – the umbrella under which my eBook conversion, Second Life rentals, digital publishing, and (soon!) critique services all fall under. That said, I’m not actually in the anthology. I thought it’d be a bit crass… but the concept really resonates with me. So this week (and next, and maybe more) my drabbles are unofficial extras for your enjoyment.

Also, the music in this audio file features "Window like" by echoed and "Angry Ophelia’s Song" by donniedrost (feat. Musetta) under a Creative Commons License . If you can’t use the player below, you can download the file here.

The Senator glared at me. "Why is the – enemy combatant – naked? Those hippies already hate this place."

I stared back. "He refuses clothes, Senator." My squad mixed with the Senator’s blue-suited toadies. "We don’t know why," I lied. Simmons handed the jumpsuit to the Senator.

Too late, the prisoner yelled behind soundproof glass. Hidden threads, woven into holy symbols, touched the Senator’s hands. He screamed in pain.

Moments later, my squad stood over the demonic corpses of the Senator and his aides. The "enemy combatant" shifted between human and demonic form.

"This’ll be fun to explain," Simmons said.