Shawndra Jones: Excellent photographer in the SW Ohio region

I realized my business cards still made it look like my hair… well, wasn’t the stylish silver that it is now.  (Work with me on this, folks.)  So I knew I needed some new headshots for profile pictures and the like.

I had recently met Shawndra L. Jones, and was really impressed by her smarts and style.  So I asked her to do the photoshoot for me.

She was super easy to work with, and struck a natural balance between her photographic eye and what I wanted for the images.  And the price was very reasonable.

I cannot recommend her enough to anybody needing a photo shoot (whether for senior pictures, headshots, or damn near anything else) in the Southwest Ohio region.

I mean, she made me look good.  Imagine what she’ll do for you.

You can contact her at the e-mail address below (sorry it’s an image; I don’t want spambots deluging her).

And now, some examples of her work:

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