Zombies, Romance, and Contests, oh my!

[Full disclosure: I have a story in this anthology. I’m serious about what I say below, but hey, you should know. – Steve]

I like themed anthologies. It’s partially because I’m a fan of short stories in general. Even more than that, I like to see how different authors can take a basic idea and do all sorts of fun and unexpected things with it.

On that front, Hungry for Your Love fits the bill. This is an e-anthology published by Ravenous Romance that starts with a twist: Forget vampires – what about zombie romance?

The twenty one (well over 300 pages!) of stories capture a huge range of zombie-related stories. Some are sweetly romantic. Some are revenge stories. Some talk about lost loves, or finding someone when the whole world is against you (whether you’re a zombie or a human). Some take place in the midst of a zombie infection, some are after things have settled down again. There are occult zombies, superscience zombies, and infectious zombies.

If you’re getting the idea that this anthology has something for most people – and definitely something for both lovers of horror and romance – you’re on the right track. The stories encompass a huge range, with some of the stories nearly becoming erotica (so yes, it’s not for the kiddies), while others are mostly horror with the romance being seen through holding another’s hand. One made me kind of sad, and still others were simply funny enough to get me to laugh out loud.

With twenty one stories in this anthology, it’s well worth the $4.99. (Yes, that’s less than a quarter a story.)

I’m pretty stoked. I had fun writing my story for Hungry For Your Love, and had just as much fun reading it. I think you will too. To help celebrate that, and to spread the word about this book, I’m running a small contest. If you’re on Twitter, post a tweet linking to this blog post or the book itself with the hashtag #zlove . Today through Halloween, I’ll choose one (or more) random tweet per day and send them one of my 100 word stories on a postcard.

So what are you waiting for? Go check this book out