Schedule Get In The Way Of Your D&D Time? Play A One-Shot Run By Me!

Summary: I’m running Dungeons & Dragons one-shots using StartPlaying as a matchmaker for bringing together players and GMs. I have a referral link for $10 off if you’d like to check out the service. The first one-shot (original by me!) I’m running through the site will be this Saturday. Only four seats are available, and there’s an early-bird discount if you sign up soon. (If you sign up, use the referral link first so you get the discount.)

One of the downsides of working nights and traveling a lot between states is that getting a group of people together for some nice Dungeons & Dragons (or other role-playing game) can be difficult.

One of the bright spots from the pandemic is a company called Start Playing, which allows players to book game masters for campaigns or one-shot adventures. I’ve been using it for a while now as a player, and had a good amount of fun trying out different one-shots. Enough that I’d like to share my referral code with you to help encourage you to try it out as well.

Then I realized I wanted to run games, and took a deep sigh.

I’ll be running my original one-shot "Little Tavern of Horrors" on StartPlaying for the first time this Saturday at 2pm EST. It’ll run 3-4 hours. I’ll be running one-shots as I create and develop them; they’re all going to be loosely connected, so you can drop in and out as you care to and as your schedule and mine permits. Remember, if you have not signed up for StartPlaying before, use THIS REFERRAL LINK: and then sign up for the game to get the discount.

You can check out my upcoming schedule of adventures at: For example, I’ve also added a second time for this coming Tuesday as well.

Little Tavern Of Horrors

The Empire ended many generations ago, even though most did not realize it at first. It did not fall, exactly, as simply lie down for a quick nap and never bothered to get back up again. The elves left, but no-one, not even the handful of elves remaining, knows where they went.

Much of the magic in the world went with them. Magic is sometimes treated with awe, sometimes with fear, sometimes with hatred, but it is never common.

But there are signs of things becoming better. The highways being mostly safe instead of mostly unsafe. New, sturdier, strains of crops that tolerate drought and temperature changes. Petty lords reaching unsteady, but persisting, periods of peace.

Now, isolated settlements, keeps, and fiefdoms litter the countryside, tied together by unmaintained roads and the brave — or foolhardy — caravans that travel them. Most of the remaining magic artifacts and resources were long ago gathered by The Black Talon Society, a franchised guild of problem-solvers, guards, and private enforcers. Even though they are few, their influence — and protection — is wide.

You and your companions are Talons, and you have a mission.

A caravan guard’s future brother-in-law went missing while their caravan stayed at the Rampant Strawberry, a tavern about a day’s travel outside of Songtooth. Your job is to find him, find out what happened, and bring him back. It’ll be a milk run for Talons like yourselves.


Featured Image by Jake Parkinson from Pixabay