Calling Writers: New URL, Same Flash Fiction Challenge!

Important Note: The Flash Fiction challenge is now hosted at If you had an account before, you will need to re-register!

WRITE WITH US WITH OUR FLASH CHALLENGE! Poetry, flash fiction, memoir, anything that is inspired by the prompt (or some of your work in progress).

It’s free and easy to sign up, either via e-mail address or one of a number of social login options. We only have you sign up at all to protect your rights to your story. Join us! The prompt is already up!

Several of us have started our own, self-hosted, flash fiction challenge that we call Obsidian Flash — although now it’s at over at a website we’re calling Obsidian Flash. It’s on a forum behind a password, so that anything you write and submit is considered unpublished. Registration is quick, free, and pretty painless.

Seriously, this thing is the perfect thing for you to do if you think writing is hard (or finding time for writing is hard), and especially if you haven’t been writing for a while. It’s also great if you have problems with getting past ideas that “you suck” (every first draft sucks, face it) or self-doubt.

Go sign up now at and we’ll see you writing this weekend!

Note: If you do not want to do the “challenge” and competitive element, please feel free to SHARE your story and just mark it “Not for voting” at the top.

Featured Image by StockSnap from Pixabay