They Told You They Were A Snake

I’ve said something like this too damn many times. From 2008’s bigotry at rallies, racism and homophobia in 2012, growing extremism in 2013, and thier excusing of sexism and sexual assault throughout the Trump regieme – particularly in the appointment of Kavanaugh, which led directly to the Supreme Court’s allowing Texas to enshrine vigilante justice. (Not surprising, considering how the GOP has done everything it can to stop investigations into the insurgency it fostered.)

It is buck wild that the GOP has turned Texas into a populist police state, and there are still people who pretend the Republican party isn’t bigoted through and through.

So to the Republicans:

It does not matter what your reasons for staying in the Republican Party might be.

Saying that you’re Republican but don’t support thier sexist and racist actions is like saying you’re a member of the KKK, but not one of the racist ones.

Just in case there’s any willful misunderstanding: I’m saying that choosing to still call yourself a Republican is the deciding factor here. If you’re not sexist and racist, and you don’t want people to assume you’re sexist and racist, then maybe don’t identify with a blatantly racist and sexist group.

And for everyone else, but especially the Democrats:

Stop pretending the GOP is anything than what it is! We have a facist party trying to take over while everyone else squabbles about possibly being too "mean".

Your inaction has allowed this to occur. You are complicit in not just your victimhood, but complicit in all of ours.

It’s not just your re-election at stake. It’s not just your reputation at stake. It’s not just your popularity on the line.

It’s real lives. Including yours.

Stand the fuck up.

Featured Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash