We got the message, thanks.

As if we needed another way.

As if we needed any further demonstrations.

The GOP is the party of The Handmaid’s Tale.  The GOP hates women.

The GOP supports rape.

There’s plenty of other evidence of this, but the elevation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court demonstrates this extremely clearly.

And this is not because of Kavanaugh’s politics.

There are lots of conservative judges. There are plenty of judges with just as conservative viewpoints.

Presumably one (or more) of them doesn’t have five (at least) women accusing them of sexual assault.

If Kavanaugh wanted to respect the integrity and legitimacy of the Court, he would have withdrawn.

If the GOP gave a damn about sexual assault, they would have denied his confirmation.

Instead, they sent a clear message that if you’ve been raped, if you’ve been sexually assaulted, you’ll be put through the wringer again and again and even then will probably not be believed unless you have “hard evidence“.  Even then, investigations may be so limited that they don’t even bother interviewing the person making the accusation.

All this instead of just nominating another candidate for the seat.

This isn’t a dogwhistle, it’s a clear message.

That the GOP does not consider sexual assault a liability.

Instead, it seems to be the exact quality they wanted.

Senator Rob Portman with a SUPPORTS RAPE stamp over his head.Senator Joe Manchin with a SUPPORTS RAPE stamp over his head.Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump with a SUPPORTS RAPE stamp over their heads.
The GOP logo with SUPPORTS RAPE stamped over it