An Open Letter to All Republican and Conservative Voters

I know that we’ve had our differences.  And we will continue to do so.  That’s cool.  That’s what makes America great.  We disagree so that we can find the best solutions to do the right thing for our citizens. 

Because our country is more important than any political party.

But this shutdown thing?  It’s seriously hurting our country – and if we default on Thursday, it will be so much worse.  (Imagine not paying your mortgage – even once – and how badly that would impact your finances.)  And right now, the GOP – and the Speaker of the House in particular – are keeping us from moving forward.

I know everyone is saying that it’s just a faction of the GOP.  That it’s just the Tea Party’s fault.  But I don’t think so.

It’s yours.

And yes, I’m looking at you personally.  Friends, family, people I barely know:

If you identify as Republican or conservative, you got us in this situation.

And only you can fix it.

I saw a GOP Representative be quoted today as saying that “a default would help stabilize the economy”.  I can only imagine that this elected official has failed either basic economics or a basic understanding of the English language. 

The actions of the Tea Party are already damaging our country’s economy

And we haven’t defaulted yet.

Yes, I understand that redistricting yah yah yah.  That you don’t agree with the Tea Party agenda of damaging our government.  That you didn’t vote for those Republicans.  You understand that the Tea Party extremists doesn’t represent the Republican party just like patchouli-drenched hippies don’t represent the Democrats.  I understand that.

Here’s the difference:  The Republican Party as a whole is terrified of the Tea Party… because they’re the only ones yelling.

Why is the Speaker of the House scared – yes, scared – to actually do the right thing and keep our country going?

Because he’s seen the last decade of vocal extremists screaming “RINO”.  Because he’s seen the extremists shout and yell and create a fuss – and the moderate Republicans and conservatives say nothing.

The opinions of those of us outside the GOP don’t count here.  Boehner knows we’re not voting for him or his allies.  Our opinions don’t count for him.   Only the voices of the moderate conservatives – the ones who value America over ideology – can save America’s reputation.

This is the eleventh hour.

This is not about political parties.

I say this without exaggeration:  This is about a bunch of extremists out to destroy America.

If you don’t contact your Representatives today, they will keep thinking those extremists speak for you.

And if you don’t raise up your voice right now, they’ll be right.

You can contact your representative right here: