I will admit it. This meme has triggered this “lib”.

But not for the reasons it thinks it did.

Let’s start with the minor crap first. I’d not heard of doing this practice outside of official military functions, and that really looks like a Panera, not a bigot chicken, but bigot chicken really has been doing this practice since May 2016, so any “outrage” isn’t new, but completely manufactured…

Which should probably be a clue of where I’m going with this. Because if you’re passing this around because you’re wanting to “trigger” liberals, you are disrespecting the troops at the urging of someone who is REALLY disrespecting our troops.

And that is the part that pisses me off.

I could care less what bigot chicken does about honoring fallen soldiers. I don’t care if they wrap the store in tri-color bunting, or whatever.

I want there to be proper mental and physical health funding for LIVING soldiers and vets [1]. It isn’t about who says they support the military the loudest, it should be about us actually supporting the troops. Instead we get divisive memes wrapped in meaningless “thank you for your service” while the troops themselves – and their families – suffer.

This kind of divisive bullshit turns the sacrifice of our soldiers into nothing more than a cheap political pawn. This kind of thing distracts from the actual, real needs of our real soldiers and vets and their families, right here, today.

Here’s a secret: Liberals really don’t give a crap about whether or not you decide to honor the troops with a table in your restaurant.

I only know (or care about it at all) because some meme maker decided to take an unifying sentiment – honor those who protect us – and made the focus all about “owning the libs”…

Instead of honoring the troops.

So it’s up to you, now. Keep passing around this meme, trying to “own” or “trigger” a bunch of “libs” who don’t really care what bigot chicken does with a table in their store… or actually honor the troops by taking care of the ones who are still with us.

Featured Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

[1] I know Memorial Day isn’t about living veterans. While we have a whole other day for that, almost nobody gets that day off of work, so you’re getting it this weekend.