Really Caring About The Troops

Every election cycle – hell, every day sometimes – we hear politicians and the government[1] say how much they care about “the troops and veterans”.

If our government and politicians care so much about “the troops”, why does the Wounded Warrior Project have a mission at all?

Why aren’t veterans – particularly those who have been in combat zones – well taken care of mentally and physically?

Why are homeless veterans a thing at all?

There are a plethora of veteran charities – some very effective at helping vets, some not.[2] That’s not the point; if you’re interested in that, look to Clark Howard’s guide.

But that’s entirely beside the point. Let’s repeat it again:

If our politicians and government really cared about “the troops” as much as they say they do, then why are our troops and veterans doing without at all?

Featured Photo by Chuanchai Pundej on Unsplash

[1] This has been a constant throughout my life and many administrations, but it’s definitely gotten worse since 2001.

[2] The fact that very ineffective charities – for vets or otherwise – exist and persist – is a good argument against the “let the free market sort it out” approach toward helping others.