Easily Tune Your Linux System With TuneD

I’m not sure how I managed to miss TuneD (linux only) for so long while trying to tweak and optimize my linux systems – particularly because it seems to do a better job than I ever have.

In Debian, it’s super simple to set up:

sudo apt install tuned tuned-utils tuned-utils-systemtap && \
sudo systemctl enable tuned && \
sudo systemctl start tuned

You can then use tuned-adm active to see what profile TuneD is currently using. The profiles available on your system (and a short description of what they’re for can be shown by tuned-adm list. Then choose (and activate) the profile of your choice by sudo tuned-adm profile [PROFILENAME].

You may have to try a few profiles to see how each works for you. That said, this has quickly and easily done a lot to help performance – both in terms of how “responsive” and “snappy” it feels, and also in absolute measures like CPU usage and system load measurements.

You can read more about TuneD at their official site: https://tuned-project.org/

Featured Photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash

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