They want to control what you see and hear. Stop them.

As I put it back in 2014:

It’s not trivial for small publishers and independent authors. Our ability to compete side-by-side with the big players is largely due to the leveling effects of the internet.

We are a nation of entrepreneurs. Of small businesses and small business owners.

And we should keep it that way.

Even though the FCC betrayed small businesses and capitalism, there’s still a chance to keep the internet free from the manipulation of your ISP.  (If you somehow don’t yet know why this is a big deal, check out my post about how this is not a fire drill.)

Congress can vote to stop the FCC, but we have to convince them that individuals (like you) are more important than big businesses like your ISP.  Go to RIGHT NOW and call, email, and spread the word.

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  1. Fortunately, the vote squeaked through in the Senate, and apparently, while it needs to pass the House as well, they have till January to do so? And there’s some important bits coming up between now and January.

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