Why I post quotations (inspirational and otherwise) to Twitter

Hello. My name is Steve. I tweet quotations.

They’re semi-automatic. If my computer’s on, and it’s a certain time of day, one of about two hundred (at present count) quotations is selected and sent out into the Twitterverse. They’re usually “uplifting” and somewhat nonspecific – they’re not aimed at any particular group like “writers” or adherents of a political or religious view.

I know there’s some people who don’t like quotations, or inspirational tweets. And to those people, I say “suck it up”.

At different times in my life, different things have resonated. Some days, I look at a book, song, movie, or quotation and it leaves me cold. And yet on another day the same book, song, movie, or quotation will be exactly what I need to hear. It might make the difference between despair and acceptance, between giving up and moving forward, between dwelling in the past and moving on.

I’m regularly surprised by who sees my tweets, my blog posts, or even Facebook posts. I’m surprised by the impact they can have on – and for – other people. I sure as hell can’t predict it.

So I don’t.

I curate my quotations. I choose ones that I generally find worthwhile (or provocative enough to jolt me out of a rut). And then I let randomness do its thing.

And when I see someone else favorite or RT that quotation, I’m glad there is a little more FILDI, a little more optimism, a little more happiness in the world.

That’s why.

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