Two Posts to Revolutionize Your Life

I know.  Most people don’t like going to other posts, or following links.

Your loss.

Here are two posts that will – at the least – cause you to re-evaluate your life and your relationships.

How To Avoid Problem People

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person

Bookmark them.  Read them.  Really take the time to consider what they have to bring to the table.  And I say this as someone who hates that scene from Glengarry Glenn Ross.
The “Problem People” article is a bit quick to be wary…  because that’s the point of the whole article.   And I want to take an extra minute to talk about the “Harsh Truths” article.

If you stopped reading and thought that it meant you had to give up on your dreams, go back and read the damn thing again.  Despite surface appearances – and despite that damn scene from Glengarry Glenn Ross – it is not saying to give up your dreams.  You didn’t read to the end.

That post is saying “Quit whining about it and do it.”  You want other people to see that you’re more than your job?  Then show them what you are.  You keep setting the bar too high?  Quit using that as an excuse to not try, and get off your ass.

Every so often the Universe smacks me upside the head.  This would be one of those times.  Many thanks to the folks whose work and efforts got this through my thick skull:  David Wong, Libidia Morgasm, Alasdair Stuart (for the outro for Pseudopod 301, who is, by the way, going to have a book of his excellent critical outro essays including that one coming out soon), and Cynthia K. Marshall, for not getting (too) tired of smacking me upside the head.  Again.

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