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Survey for anyone who buys books (especially at conventions)

So you’re at a convention, and you see your FAVORITEST AUTHOR EVAH (or maybe just someone you heard at a reading and thought was cool) and find out that they can sell you a digital book.

How do you buy it?

There’s a survey below – please take a moment to fill it out and pass the link on to your friends.  I’ll post the results here. Scroll down to get to all the questions

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  1. The survey box isn't working for me, so I'm going to answer here. I go to cons for interaction with authors, and come back with stacks of autographed books. If I were going to buy an e-book, it better be something damn special (I know one author who has flash drive jewelry with her book on them). There's no point in bothering to get it at the con if you're not taking something real.

  2. I'm with the above commenters… As much as I enjoy reading ebooks, when I go to a convention to meet authors, I want the real hard copy book for them to sign and to keep forever and ever.