Origins, I will be in you!

As of Thursday, I’m going to be at the Origins Game Fair with like a bazillion awesome writers and friends and generally talking about writing, selling books (and eBooks!), doing strange stuff, and otherwise having a blast!

My schedule is below – and when I’m not at one of these panels, I’ll be downstairs in the dealer’s room in the Library area.

And you know what? Stop by and say hi. I don’t hard sell. Take a break from the blank-eyed merchants who moan “buuuuucks” as they reach for your wallet. We will take up our shovels, shotguns, and cricket bats and beat back the slathering horde, avoiding infection as we race to the helicopter on the rooftop!

Er… well, metaphorically. Let’s not kill the other dealers. Much.

Here’s my schedule:

Thursday 1pm: Speak Up! Steven Saus, Daniel Myers, Tracy Chowdhury
Thursday 7pm: Reading Brad Beaulieu, Steven Saus (Want me to read something in particular? Show up!)
Friday 2pm: The Digital Landscape Gregory Wilson, Steven Saus, Bryan Young
Friday 3pm: Flash Us (Critiquing Your Work) Donald J. Bingle, Jean Rabe, Sarah Hans
Saturday 12pm: Fantasy on the Fringe Donald J. Bingle, Jean Rabe, Steven Saus
Saturday 1pm: Well-Read Undead Daniel Myers, Donald J. Bingle, Steven Saus
Saturday 3pm: Self-Publishing and Small Presses Gregory Wilson, R.T. Kaelin, Steven Saus, Bryan Young
Saturday 4pm: Nuts and Electronic Bolts Steven Saus, R.T. Kaelin, Brad Beaulieu
Sunday 11am: Forging an Online Presence Steven Saus, R.T. Kaelin, Gregory Wilson, Brad Beaulieu
Sunday 12pm: There’s Science in my Fiction Kelly Swails, Steven Saus
Sunday 1pm: Publishing Potpourri Bryan Young, Steven Saus, Tracy Chowdhury

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