Deadly Marshmallows – Two 100-word Stories

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And we have TWO yes TWO stories once again, with Chris the Nuclear Kid’s story first, then mine.

storytime.pngYou know the drill!
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roasting marshmallows (4)
It started when my friend and I were at camp (in the woods), hanging out.

“Kalobe, I’m going down to the river, want to come?”

“No thanks Joe.” I said.

“Okay.” Walking down with some marshmallows, he turned the corner and was out of sight. A moment later there was a ear splitting scream. I ran to the creek. The ground was
covered in marshmallows! As I watched, they moved together growing bigger and combining. They followed me as I ran. And, just in time, got inside the car.

Right now I wish I’d taken driving lessons.
Clue Board
“Consternation!” Grandpa yelled. “Colonel Mustard in the library with the marshmallows!”

I smiled, cold in my army uniform. Grandpa’s fireplace couldn’t even heat the room. He rose shakily, and I frowned. Richer than Midas, but has no heater, won’t get his hip replaced, wouldn’t even pay for Sue’s hospital bills…

I clamped that thought down.

His liver-spotted hand landed on my shoulder, then tapped where my nametag read Ketchup. “It’s funny, you making colonel. Too bad Sue didn’t get to see it.”

I just pushed him onto the freshly waxed floor. The sound of his hip shattering sounded like vengeance.

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