Facebook Is Removing Posts About Its AI Scraping Policies

Just moments ago (6 Jun 2024, 1715 EST), I saw a Techspot story on Facebook, which I shared. It was removed within a minute.

What was the story? How Meta is using Facebook and Instagram posts to train its AI.

If you do want to opt out, first go to this help page and click on the section that states, "I want to object to or restrict the processing of my personal information from third parties used for building and improving AI at Meta."

However, for them to honor the request, you have to demonstrate that their AI already has your information, including prompts and a screenshot.

Given that they deleted a post about it so quickly that it must be automated to some degree, and that they’re putting the burden of proof on the user to somehow prove their AI has already scraped your data, it’s bad faith all around.

More context at the BBC, Business Insider, and Mashable.

Featured Image by Lukas from Pixabay

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