Even Trolls Have More Courage

I’ve noticed a fair number of people saying something inflammatory, wrong, or both on social media, and then just disappearing when there is any kind of push back.

I’ve seen it happen with multiple topics. People posting fake AI-generated images being called out on it, transphobes misquoting science, so-called "moderates" pretending there’s no difference between the current presidential candidates.

I’ve seen it with people’s own social media posts, and with the comments they make on other people’s.

I’d call it trolling, but trolls aren’t cowards who run away when there’s a challenge. A trolls didn’t back down from the three billy goats gruff, and an angry goat (particularly a Damascus goat) is a lot more intimidating than someone on social media.

So no, they’re not trolls. They’re just cowards.

If you’re brave enough to stir the pot, then you should be brave enough to admit when you’re wrong.

Image licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, creator unknown, sourced from here.

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