HOW TO Send Me A Request For Changing Attribution For Images

I usually make a point of putting attribution for the "featured image" on my posts, which occasionally leads to an e-mail from an artist asking me to change the link to a different site that they control. I have no problem with this — I think creators should definitely control their own web presence whenever possible.

That said, I just added a little bit to my "Links and Images" page to clarify something and to make everyone’s life easier:

Please note: If you originally posted an image to unsplash/pixabay and wish for me to change the attribution link from my blog to your primary portfolio or website, I’m happy to do so IF you

  1. Provide some provenance, such as a link to the image on your portfolio site (to demonstrate you’re not just a random person) and…
  2. I don’t have to click a link with traffic tracking to get to your website. I get enough scammy and spammy email that such things tend to get filtered out and auto-deleted.


Featured Photo by Umberto on Unsplash

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