You Are Known By Those You Invite To Your Table

I know that I sometimes come across as very partisan here. Maybe even hyperbolic, or taking an idea too far.

Like when I talked about the "bigot table". It’s the idea that if you associate with bigots, you’re approving of bigots.

I know that it could seem like I was overextending there by applying a specific German saying to the United States.

And then this happens:

Nazi flags displayed outside Turning Point USA summit attended by Trump condemned as ‘pure hatred’ by the Florida Holocaust Museum

That’s just people outside, you might say. Sure, you probably agree that they should have been condemned by the organization (and Trump), but it’s not like they were actually attending, or speaking at the event.

Viktor Orban Will Still Speak at CPAC Despite ‘Nazi’ Speech Backlash

Hungarian leader joins Trump, Cruz among conservative speakers next week in Texas

Still, maybe that’s just a clickbait title. Maybe they’re being over-the-top by using the word "Nazi". Surely Orban wasn’t referring to actual 20th Cen Nazis and the atrocities they committed, right?

…Orban called on Europeans to “not become peoples of mixed-race.”
“I do not see how it will be enforced – although, as I understand it, the past shows us German know-how on that,” Orban said, in an apparent reference to the gas chambers used by the Nazis to kill Jewish people and others.


That brings us back to the original saying that I generalized into the "bigot table".

“As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis.”

So yes, I am partisan.

Because I live in a country with a two-party system.

And the other party is, without exaggeration, sitting down at the table with Nazis.

2 thoughts on “You Are Known By Those You Invite To Your Table

  1. David Howe says:

    They set a place for a fascist and knock the chair from beneath the person who doesn’t conform to their manners. Yes, their guest list says a lot.

  2. Bob bobson says:

    They fete a fascist and hope to starve anyone who doesn’t conform to their manners. Yes, their guest list says much.

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