Bigot Table

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Folks, in the last two days Trump has doubled down on his “testing less” to make COVID go away idiocy and his completely out-in-the-open racism by continuing to call COVID-19 “kung flu” and used Nazi symbols in re-election materials.

We are in peak “if there is a bigot at the table“.

I feel bad for everyone whose family members and friends are sitting down at that racist table with Trump. I feel the pain of everyone who has lost family members and friends to the intoxicants of bigotry and simple (though wrong) answers. I still miss who my uncle was, too.

But there is no way to avoid it.

They are inviting an openly racist idiot to the table. They are choosing to be identified with his racism.

We know what this makes them, sad though it might be.

But you don’t get to decide that.

You just get to decide if you think racism is okay too.

You just get to decide if you sit down at that table… or if bigotry really is a boundary for you after all.

Featured Photo by Jeremy Manoto on Unsplash

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