The Problem With Being “Saved”

"Lots of folks are not committed to breaking down the division between in-group & out-group so much as they’re committed to getting in the ‘in-group’ and enjoying its hegemonic privileges. "

I saw that in a tweet about voter shifts, but it’s entirely the reason why organized Christianity in the US looks the way it does.

Rather than considering Jesus’ question "who is your neighbor", these folks are interested in being part of the "good" group. They’re selfishly interested in their own "heavenly reward" or – in the case of prosperity theology – reward in this life.

Rather than focusing on helping others, they are worried about helping themselves, and ensuring they’re part of the "in group".

Rather than focusing on Jesus’ words about casting the first stone or the beam in their own eye, rather than realizing we are all sinners, they focus on their inclusion of being part of the "saved" or "faithful" group.

Which, ironically, makes them anything but followers of what Jesus had to say.

(PS: When your holy days are literally enshrined in national law, you are no longer part of the "out group", even if you constantly claim persecution.)

Featured Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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