An Open Letter To My Ex

I still have triggers, thanks to you.

I catch them, sometimes. When I overreact to something. When I desperately and guiltily create elaborate justifications for even my basic needs being met.

Now that I am out of that toxic relationship, I am healing. I am disarming my triggers.

I am learning that what you did to me is abuse, no matter how many big words you use to justify it. I am learning that abuse is not normal, no matter how hard you insisted that it was.

But I am healthier now. I am throwing away the fear and toxicity you inflicted on me for so long.

Because I now know that the kind of abuse you put me through is not "normal".

It was intentional.

P.S. This essay is about a workplace.

P.P.S. Think I’m talking about you? Remember my artistic license policy.

Featured Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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