You Will Know A Bigot By Their Works (Texas Edition)

I want to write something coherent or insightful about Texas’ governor mandating that trans kids and their parents get investigated for child abuse when there’s actual science showing that this is exactly the wrong thing to do to "help children".

Sure, I can point out that this is worse than the vigilante anti-abortion law, because it requires huge groups of people to report trans kids or face criminal penalties themselves.

The letter notes that Texas law imposes reporting requirements upon all licensed professionals who have direct contact with children who may be subject to such abuse, including doctors, nurses, and teachers, and provides criminal penalties for failure to report such child abuse.

I can point out that this is clearly a test run. That the timing is, well, fortuitous at least, since everyone is (understandably) looking at Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

But mostly, I’m simply furious.

I am so furious that I am seriously struggling to remain coherent and not just laying every curse I can think of at Gov. Abbot’s doorstep.

Furious that such bigotry has gotten so far in my country.

Furious that their ideology of discrimination holds more sway than actual research.

Furious that people dedicated to helping others are being required to be a spy network on trans kids.

Furious that groups of people are reported for being too different.

Furious that supposed "moderates" will still trot out the "both side are the same" or "it’s a personal opinion" platitudes.

Because that’s crap. One "side" wants to give everybody the same opportunities.

The other wants to criminalize the existence of anybody who looks or thinks differently. [1]

You shall know them by their works.

Donate to The Trevor Project or the Human Rights Campaign to help young LGBTQIA+ individuals today, whatever you can give.


[1] Isn’t it ironic that the side who has been whining about being "canceled" and "political correctness" and how "restrictive" being polite is, is also the same side which is actually trying to control people’s bodies for them?

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