A Quick GUI for Adding Tasks to Todo.Txt

Yes, I know, it seems counterintuitive. Why use a gui for a project that’s all about keeping your tasks in a flat text file?

Sometimes, though, I forget what contexts and projects I’ve defined, or don’t escape things properly, and that gets in the way. The other GUIs I’ve seen either don’t work or require a web browser open, or or or or. I just wanted something where I could call up a thing with a keybind, quickly enter a todo, and then get back to what I was already doing.

So I sketched one up in bash with yad.

(Because it’s YAD, it will use your GTK theme; mine happens to be dark.)

Each of the dropdowns is populated with the context @ or projects + you already have in your todo.txt file. All default to blank. You can alternately type in new contexts and projects if you need/want to right in the dialog box, and then it’s added to your file.

It isn’t meant to review or complete or do any of that stuff – I highly recommend todotxt-machine for that – but it fills a little niche need of mine, and maybe yours. You can find the script on GitHub, GitLab, or my personal repository.

Featured Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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