CPAP Mask Recommendation: DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask

Side note: The mask pictured in the “featured image” is not the mask I’m talking about today.

You might remember that I use a CPAP, and that I – like many others – have had issues with my masks in the past. When I last wrote about it – in 2015(!) – I wrote about both the goretex masks and the then-new nasal cannula masks.

Since then, I’ve learned that the nasal prong masks – regardless of maker – tend to work great … until the headgear fails in some way. At that point, they fail dramatically. As a result, I tend to keep one of the “regular” masks around as a backup.

The Dreamwear Nasal Mask

And worse, the nasal prongs can – over time – start to irritate the inside of your nose. So between those two things, I can’t quite keep using a nasal prong mask all the time.

I still keep a backup – or five, at this point – but I’ve found a new favorite. The Dreamwear Nasal mask. Originally recommended to me by another CPAP wearer, I am a total convert.

This mask, at first glance, looks like the nasal prong variety. That’s because you can’t see the important detail in the image here. That important detail is this: there are no nasal prongs.

This picture (from my own mask) shows the key innovation here. That slit sits right underneath your nose, so there’s no nasal irritation.

Even better, the air goes to that slit via the clear bits on either side of the mask. The combination of those two features means that if you shift to one side or the other, you still get uninterrupted airflow.

If you’re anything but 100% satisfied with your current mask, try out the Dreamweaver Nasal mask. has very inexpensive return insurance, so you can find out what mask works best for you.

If your experience is anything like mine, this may be your new favorite.

As before, please note that all images and links of masks are from  They’ve been my go-to supplier for parts, masks, and more for years. Great people, good customer service. Highly recommended.

Featured Photo from Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany license.

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