And The Show Must Go On

Many of us are thinking that 20 January will be the triumphant end of the movie. Drag out the wookie, hand out medals, pat ourselves on the back. Racism, bigotry, and fascism will be defeated

It will be, at best, the end of the season, with a pre-credits teaser showing the forces of evil slinking away to plan revenge.

That’s something PoC have been trying to tell us for decades.

That’s something that we’ve ignored for too long.

We are, in a very terrifying way, fighting HYDRA. Fighting the “Seventh Kalvary”. The Fire Nation. The Empire … or the First Order.

We are not done. We will not be done in our lives.

There are people I love.
There are people who love me.
I fight for what I believe,
protect those I could,
and stand my ground against the encroaching darkness.

We will not be silent. We will be your bad conscience.

Featured Photo by Michał Lis on Unsplash

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