Would I like a new Task? Yes, please!

And not just because I arranged these fairy houses and mini sorta like the Taskmaster house. Promise.

I mentioned Taskmaster a bit ago, and there’s a very important reason that I mention it today.

If you’re not familiar, Taskmaster is a UK TV show where the contestants are given silly tasks to do, and their attempts are (comedically) judged by Greg Davies.

The “Taskmaster’s Assistant” is Alex Horne, who actually creates most of the tasks for the contestants. There’s an awful lot of it on YouTube. It’s a wonderful show for completely being able to forget the world around you and just laugh.

That’s great to while away the time, and my honey and I have spent quite a few hours not just watching, but pausing and talking about what we would do if we were on the show.

And now we – and all of you – can find out while maintain social distancing!

Right now, Alex Horne is conducting #HOMETASKING – issuing a task and giving folks time to complete and share their results in a huge distributed game!

The first task is already up; join in!

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