Get The Cyberpunk Soundtrack You Need In These Dark Times

In 2013, I couldn’t really reconcile the world we were living in with the cyberpunk futures that we imagined years and years ago.

Well, we’ve hit 2020, and with this updated edition [1] it seems like we shifted timelines. Suddenly the cyberpunk aesthetic and ethos seems horribly relevant: megacorporations, shady politicians, natural disasters, income inequality, pervasive tech, and more.

Maybe that’s why synthwave is suddenly big again. Because – at least to me – it suddenly feels appropriate.

So I was thrilled when LAZERPUNK (previously reviewed here) reached out and let me know that their new album “Different Forms of Power” drops tomorrow (24 March) with a pay-what-you-like price.

Inspired by the wild and chaotic nightlife of Berlin the record starts off with the previously released track “Power”, with five exciting remixes from great producers of various genres. Other than the previously released song and the remixes the album features 3 brand new tracks.

As preorders can’t be entirely free the minimum price is 1€. However, after the release on March 24, the album will be free, just like all previous works of Lazerpunk, so if you want to support the artist or not, is totally up to you.

Having spoken with them a little bit, I know that he – like most independent musicians – is being hit hard by the current virus problems. With all their gigs, shows, and events cancelled, they’re relying on streaming income [2] and album sales in order to support themselves and their families.

So if you, like me, find LAZERPUNK’s music appropriate and enjoyable for these jacked-up times, make sure they know it when you buy their music, including the new album!

As a side note: The artwork with this post was largely found without attribution. It’s possible that some of it is from the artist waneella – if you like it, check out their Patreon page as well.

[1] Yeah, that’s a nerd joke.
[2] If you’re not aware how little of your streaming money goes to the artists, check this article out.