My Dark Reality – A Dayton Band You Don’t Want To Miss

Last week I saw that BandsInTown listed a venue really near me that I’d not heard of before – Turnbuckles and Brews. And the band it was telling me about was My Dark Reality. The cover charge was pretty minimal, so off we went.

The other bands were okay – talented local-ish bands, often with some catchy tunes, but none of them really had a "wow" moment for us. That is, until My Dark Reality took the stage.

We were blown away. The musicianship was great, the energy was electric, and after the first song, I realized I needed to take some video.

The band, from their Facebook page

While the audio in the videos is a bit blown out at times (I wasn’t far from the speakers), you can still hear enough to see the utterly amazing work by this band. The influences of goth, punk, and blues rock all come together in a most satisfying way.

If my poor-quality audio isn’t enough, you can also check out their first single, "Ashes to Ashes" (the third video) on streaming and digital sale platforms (links below).

And I strongly encourage you to pick up any other music they put out, as well as insisting that you attend any of their live shows that you’re able to.

Uploaded with the consent of the band. Check out their single "Ashes to Ashes" available all over the place:

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