Upgrading Voxelmap and Keeping Your Waypoints in #Minecraft

VoxelMap in action

I love minimaps in Minecraft. I get lost without a GPS in real life; it’s even worse in games. Especially big ones like Minecraft. So I’ve been using minimaps with waypoints since I first learned about them.

The one I use now is VoxelMap, which is hands-down the best minimap for Fabric modloader, and I was thrilled to see that it’s updated for 1.15.1. But on the server I play on, I have a bunch of waypoints that I didn’t want to lose. So here’s how to upgrade!

First, make sure you have a backup from 1.14 that has your waypoints in it. Go into your 1.14 Minecraft mods folder and copy /.minecraft/mods/mamiyaotaru somewhere safe.

Then install the VoxelMap mod like you would normally. (After I write this, it’ll also be in my MultiMC and Technic modpacks, so upgrade normally there.) Log in to the server of your choice (or local world).

You’ll see the VoxelMap intro screen. Don’t worry about configuring it yet; we’re also giong to copy your old preferences over.

Press “M” and then when prompted, tell VoxelMap that it’s a multiworld server. (Overworld, Nether, and The End are each a separate world, so the answer is probably yes.)

Click “New Name” and give it the same name that you did before. In my case, that’s “main”. Press enter to save it.

Also create a waypoint – just anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Repeat this with the Nether and End if you have waypoints in those locations.

Leave the server and CLOSE MINECRAFT. If you do not close the program completely, this does not work.

You will notice that in your 1.15 installation (or modpack installation) there’s a new /.minecraft/mods/mamiyaotaru folder. Copy the OLD mamiyaotaru folder from 1.14 into the 1.15 directory.

Replace the new files with the old ones.

Restart Minecraft; your waypoints should have returned.

I’m not sure why doing it this way is necessary, but just copying it over beforehand didn’t work for me; YMMV.

And if you’re able, support the author of this mod on Patreon, and maybe I’ll see you on MyMinecraft!