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I’ve collected a lot of quotations over the years, and I really enjoy having them in a fortune file. But I also found myself liking the idea of Buffer’s Pablo service where an image is placed behind the text for great effect…but I didn’t like having to manually do each and every one.

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.

I’ve tried various ways of posting these (semi-randomly) to social media and on the blog here, but I think the best thing I can do is to give y’all the programs I used to make them and to upload the results.

First, the program. I’ve entitled it khalo. You can find the bash scripts on GitHub, GitLab, and my personal git server. They’re… well, they’ll require a bit of tweaking if you want to customize things. But they should work.

But it’s probably better to just link to the output I’ve created from my quotations file. (Hosted at ; you probably want to make sure you have an adblocker!) We’ve got a generic wide size, and sizes optimized for Facebook, Instagram photos, Instagram Stories, and Twitter.

As a side note, the images were pulled randomly from; any juxtaposition or irony between the images and the quotations are the beauty of randomness.

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