On A More Positive Note: Invest in Some Kids And Parents In West Virginia

I am horribly late to this party, but having known Tia for almost thirty years, I am more than willing to vouch for her, her tenacity, and her spirit.

Tia took her entrepreneurial spirit back to West Virginia some years ago, and has poured time, energy, and heart into SoSocial, which provides much needed efforts to the community there.

But the space needs renovation, and she’s been running a GoFundMe to help.

When renovations are complete, we will qualify as a WV Registered Child Care Facility, able to service up to 36 children with up to 6 adult full time staff, and at least 6 part time staff, divided into 3 sessions of 12 children each: morning, afternoon, evening. We will be the only hourly child care operation in the Huntington tri-state area, offering short term occasional care for families when running errands such as grocery shopping or doctor visits or when just needing a coffee break.

In addition to quality inspired care, we will continue to offer free event space for family focused programs, such as Exotic Animal Science, Yoga for All, French and Spanish language classes, Montessori 101, RIE Fundamentals, Baby Class, Mommy and Me, Container Gardening for Health, Board Game Night, Doula 101, Baby Wearing Basics, Infant CPR, Natural Baby Food, as well as offering space for birthday parties, graduations and more! 


There are several things I love about this project.

  • It’s someone pouring their time and energy back into their hometown
  • It’s renovating and enhancing existing glorious structures (really; I’ve been there, it’s an awesome building).
  • It’s providing high-quality services to a place that might not otherwise have them
  • It’s creating opportunities for parents to both gain new skills and have the time and space to enhance their quality of life.
  • It’s a GoFundMe that isn’t just for a single thing; the dividends from this investment will pay off long into the future.

Any help you can provide will be wonderful and will go a long way both for the electrical project and for further renovations to to the space.

Thank you in advance for whatever help you can give.


Featured photo from the GoFundMe page.

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